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NLSC Skipper Qualification Policy

NLSC Skipper Qualification Policy - approved by the NLSC Board of Directors, September 23, 2008

    The NLSC Board adopted the following response to members who are inquiring whether they qualify to be a NLSC Skipper and what qualifications are necessary to be accepted as a NLSC Skipper.
    This policy should apply only to NLSC sponsored trips on chartered boats and not to non-member owned boats involved in trailer trips. Also the Board recommends adhering to its policy of required board approval in order for us to accept endorsed trips.
    NLSC should not be offering any kind of certification, but be limited to suggesting, and not mandating criteria for those who aspire to serve as a skipper. Skippers are exclusively volunteers, offering their service at no fee and serve at the pleasure of their trip chair, subject to approval by the NLSC board.
    NLSC Skippers should have a variety of desirable leadership characteristics in addition to sailing skills. Attractive leadership qualities would include:
    • Conservative and cautious approach to boat handling
    • Excellent people skills
    • Mentoring / teaching approach
    • Good facilitating & planning
    Desirable sailing resume would include extensive experience & knowledge in:
    • Sailing and boat handling
    • Anchoring, mooring, docking
    • Navigation
    Other considerations of the board could include:
    • Certifications from sailing schools and programs
    • Recommendation by current NLSC Skipper(s)
    • Significant prior experience owning and operating a keelboat of size reasonably comparable to the craft to be used on the trip
    • Club experience as first mate
    Remember, ultimately the charter company decides who they will allow to Skipper their craft and their decision is final. Acceptance by NLSC of a member as Skipper does not guarantee that the charter company will accept our Skipper. For this reason, all Skippers should have a sailing resume completed and ready to submit to the charter company.
    Current NLSC Skippers should be grandfathered in, having already displayed their capabilities and expertise.
    First mates should serve at the joint invitation of trip chair and Skipper.

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