NLSC Trip Report

Last Splash for Pelican Lake a Good One 

By Steven Steichen

This year's Pelican Lake sailing extravaganza receives high marks for garbage can turkeys and good company. Hosted by our vary own turkey-cooking president, Gordy Rosine.   Who I might add is quite the astronomer and while pointing out some of the local stars all sailors should know, we noticed a fine display of northern lights was about to start. After watching some of nature's best work, we all wandered off to bed for the night.

The majority of this long weekend provided enough weather to sail and enough sun to relax on the deck and swap stories. We got wind and rain. We had food and we had fun. We successfully paired the rain with food and the wind with fun to make the best of each! Drippy wet nights were spent in the tropics as Gordy was geared up for slide shows of Tahiti and the Bahamas. We all sat huddled around the screen as visions of Tahiti flashed before us. It was fascinating to hear the comments of so many sailors sharing their knowledge of the areas. After viewing some more of nature's best work, we all wandered off to bed for the night.

Pelican's clear waters and sandy bottom have provided some of the best sailing I can remember. Of all the times I have hit rocks these are by far the easiest to see! Regrettably, the winds of change are also blowing this NLSC trip into the history books, as the cabin is no longer available after this year. I will always remember my time on this little lake and with any luck one of our club members will know of just the right place to host a trip, cook a turkey, and sail with friends.