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Board Members Roster

Executive Officers

Vice President (Vice Commodore)

Tom Mathisen

President (Commodore)

Lisa Anderson

Treasurer (Purser)

Al Kracke


Jenny Adrian

Committee Chairs

Membership Chair

Nancy Kracke

Meetings—Fellowship and Special Events Chair

Betty Lamb


Dorothy Zimmerman

Education Chair

Joan Gilmore

Information and Technology Chair

Amy Freiberg

Promotions and Marketing Chair

Debra Woolfrey

Sailing/Trip Chair

Jerry Sicard (temporary)

Meetings—Programs Chair

Heidi Myers

Immediate Past Commodore (Advisory)

Scott Woolfrey

Non-Board Committee Positions

Newsletter Editor

Marilynn Kaplan (retired)


Past Commodores

Lisa Anderson (2019-2020)
Scott Woolfrey (2018-2019)
Lisa Anderson (2017-2018)
Scott Woolfrey (2015-2017)
Jay Biggs (2009-2015)
Kevin Crothers (2008-2009)
Bob Rouda (2008-2008)
Kim Wright (2006-2008)
Gordy Rosine (2002-2006)
Scott Wright (2000-2002)
Leota Spalla (1998-2000)
Dan Fesler (1996-1998)
Lee Hopkins (1995-1996)
Wayne Hokemeir (1994-1995)
Duane Filipek (1993-1994)