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Officer and Board Member Responsibilities


  • Upholds NLSC policy and procedures as written
  • Submits revisions to club policy and procedures as required.


Executive Officers
President (Commodore)
Chief Administrative Officer that shall preside at all meetings of the Board and its members. Ex-officio member of all committees except Nominations

  • Responsible for the overall administration of NLSC
  • Co-signatory on club checking account
  • Responsible for Meetup Administration (may be delegated)
  • Responsible for ensuring NLSC always meets its non-discrimination and harassment policy
  • Writes article for Club newsletter each month
  • Provides assistances and advice to other Officers and Chairs of Committees
  • Fills Board vacancies subject to approval by the Board
  • Club liaison with other local, national and international clubs.
  • Plans and executes board meetings to include meeting venue and meeting agenda


Vice President (Vice Commodore)
Perform all the duties of the Commodore in the absence, incapacity, or resignation of the Commodore

  • Provides Board orientation and Policies and Procedures Manual to new Board Members
  • Leads the risk management efforts of the Board to protect the Club, its members, and the Board
  • Establishes and Chairs club election committee
  • Responsible for training new Board members
  • Writes article for club newsletter each month
  • Presides over Membership and Board meetings in the absence of the Commodore


Shall attend all meetings of the Board and of all members and shall record all votes and record minutes of all such meetings

  • Maintains notebooks of minutes from past Board Meetings
  • Initiates club correspondence as directed by the Board
  • Posts approved monthly Board of Directors Meeting minutes on NLSC web site
  • Maintains archive of all superseded policy and procedures documents on the web.


Treasurer (Purser)
Shall be responsible for all Club Funds and shall keep a full and accurate count of the receipts and disbursements of the Club and shall deposit all funds in depository designated by the Board. Shall disburse the funds of the club. Shall render a monthly financial report of the Club to the Board

  • Files Club tax return
  • Files 990 N or EZ as required
  • Co-Signatory on Club checking account
  • Renew club liability and D&O insurance policies as approved by the Board.
  • Reviews/audits financial activities of Club sponsored events
  • Assists Trip Chair and Committee Chair(s) in preparation of Final Activity Report for all Club sponsored events
  • Prepares annual operating budget and balance sheet for the Board
  • Files Club Minnesota Nonprofit Corporation Annual Renewal
  • Checks Club PO Box weekly


Immediate Past Commodore
Shall serve as an advisor to the Board


Sailing/Trip Chair

  • Develops and administers Club Trip Policy
  • Produces and communicates a trip calendar on a continuing basis to ensure Club Members are aware of Club Trips and other sailing/trip opportunities
  • Works with Trip Chairs for specific trips for the preparation of their budgets, presentations, and management of their specific trips to ensure financial success and member satisfaction/safety on the trips
  • Maintains a calendar of NLSC Sponsored Trips on the web site
  • Manages a calendar of Sailing Opportunities on the NLSC web site
  • Manages the Spar-of-the-Moment list on the NLSC web site.
  • Ensures a reporting process is in place to alert the Board of unsafe operations within Sponsored Trips.
  • Plans and executes periodic Trip Chair training seminars.
  • Develops and manages Club Skipper qualifications


Membership Chair

  • Maintains Club membership roster and membership materials
  • Staffs a table at monthly Club meetings and special events to welcome members and visitors
  • Orients all new Club members
  • Maintains NLSC’s membership contact list up to date on web site
  • Maintains NLSC member renewal/application page on web site


Education Chair

  • Organizes education and safety programs at monthly Club meetings
  • Coordinates periodic educational events throughout the year.
  • Publishes current list of educational opportunities in the local area
  • Maintains NLSC Education page on NLSC web site


Meetings—Programs Chair

  • Organizes and communicates programs for monthly meetings
  • Coordinates meeting location and logistics
  • Keeps and maintains club projector and club banner and brings to membership meetings


Meetings—Fellowship and Special Events Chair

  • Organizes and communicates annual holiday event and shrimp boil/picnic event
  • Organizes and communicates other fellowship activities for members
  • Assists Programs Chair when necessary


Information and Technology Chair

  • Develops and maintains NLSC Website
  • Maintains accessible copies of Club records working with relevant Board members
  • Develops and maintains Club Facebook page
  • Develops and maintains Club Meetup site


Promotions and Marketing Chair

  • Organizes and promotes Club activities with other sailing/boating organizations
  • Maintains and distributes Club promotional materials
  • Manages vendors for club logo merchandise.
  • Coordinates, plans and executes NLSC participation in the Minneapolis Boat show.



  • Assists other Chairs as necessary
  • Writes a newsletter article reporting on Board Activities


Non-Board Committee Positions


Newsletter Editor (non-board member)

  • Publishes and distributes monthly club newsletter