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Join us on Facebook

NLSC Northern Lights Sailing Club Facebook group is a private group:
• While anyone would be able to find this private group by searching for the group name on Facebook,
membership is restricted.
• Private group membership is moderated by the group administrators/moderators. Those people are
Board members. They act as the gate keepers for membership. At this point, only current NLSC members will be allowed to join the group.
• A private group provides just that – privacy of the members and security from outside interference, at
least that’s the idea.
• To join the group, you can search on Facebook for the group name, NLSC Northern Lights Sailing
Club, and then request to be a member.
• At some point in the process, you will be asked three questions for which the answers would be known
to club members.
• Finally, a requested membership is approved by one of the administrator/moderators.
So – as of now you can go ahead and join up. Feel free to make comments on the group page, to any of the
three of us via a private Facebook message, or to me via email at tmathisen@usfamily.net.
There may be some glitches, so please bear with us as we continue to develop this social media asset for club
members to communicate and disseminate information.
Several members have already posted photos or suggested events, so join and take a look.