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Sailboat Safety and Crew Knowledge and Skill-Building

These are some of the preliminary and early sailing activities skippers will follow to prepare and expand crew members sailing knowledge and skills and add to crew members’ enjoyment of their sailing vacation.

  • Crew member self-selection and skipper screening through descriptive promotional materials, preliminary phone discussions, sailing policies, and crew information forms.
  • Distribution of information on safety policies, sailing operations, helpful suggestions, recommended sailing equipment, and definitions of skipper and crew member roles in handouts and at pre-sailing crew meetings.
  • At-the-dock sailboat walk-through, brief equipment and systems demonstrations, and nomenclature descriptions.
  • Pre-departure docking procedures instruction and hands-on demonstrations and learning.
  • Limited helm instruction and hands-on training for every crew member while underway during the first sailing hour.
  • “Man overboard” instruction and hands-on practice with each crew member learning all of the tasks required to retrieve a man overboard. Second hour of sailing.
  • Discussion of boating rules-of-the-road (right of way, etc.) and basic navigation. Impromptu verbal quizzes.
  • Basic sail handling discussion and hands-on learning.
  • Anchoring and docking instruction and hands-on learning.

The Skipper’s RoleĀ 

  • Provide leadership for the safe operation of the sailboat.
  • Provide basic instruction regarding the handling of sailboat systems and equipment through discussions, demonstrations, and/or hands-on direction.
  • Provide ongoing support and supervision of the operation of the sailboat.
  • Provide guidance as needed for harmonious social interactions of the crew.
  • Empower crew members in expanding their sailing knowledge and skills.
  • Be open and flexible. Share enthusiasm.

The Crew Member’s Role

Operate as an active participant of the sailing team in the smooth operation of the sailboat. Exhibit curiosity and involvement in the building of personal sailing knowledge and skills. Anticipate tasks and initiate actions for safe and successful sailboat operations and crew activities. Share personal experience and knowledge with other crew members. Communicate in a clear and direct manner with all crew members: 1) . with regard to op~ration of the sailboat as needed and 2) on a social level as needed. Stay in communication. Be open and flexible. Share enthusiasm.